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Op deze pagina staan alle posts over alle onderwerpen. Archief voor 2008.

2007 IPv4 Address Use Report

In 2007, the number of available IPv4 addresses went down from 1300.65 million to 1122.85 million, a difference of 177.8 million addresses. The number of usable addresses is 3706.65 million, so on January 1, 2007 we were at 64.9% utilization and a year later we're at 69.7%.

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→ IPv6: coming to a root server near you

On February 4, 2008, ICANN will add IPv6 addresses for four root DNS servers to the root zone file, making full IPv6 Internet connections a reality. Time to check that DNS software and those firewalls to avoid any possible trouble.

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HTM GTL 3016 tram lijn 9

Image link - posted 2008-03-18

→ Playing chicken: ISP depeering a high-school lovers’ quarrel

A story I wrote for Ars Technica about depeering between Cogent and Telia, with some info about BGP hot potato and cold potato routing.

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Spring is here, time to start a new blog

Actually I don't like the word 'blog'. Or those silly upward facing quotes. But I've decided to go with the flow for this new thing that will go on this site. By writing in Apple's iWeb and only in English I should be able to have at least one blog entry a week. Subjects can be anything that catches my fancy.

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Geert Wilders' movie Fitna

A few days ago, Dutch politician Geert Wilders finally released his 17-minute movie Fitna online.

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Looking forward to 3G/UMTS: better sound!

A long, long time ago, someone decided that an 8 kHz sampling rate was good enough for phone conversations. That's pretty crappy. And cell phones use last century's compression to make it sound even worse. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: AMR-WB on UMTS!

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Flash on the iPhone? No thanks.

There have been a lot of complaints about the iPhone not having flash, but even my previous Mac, a 1.25 GHz G4, could barely keep up with Flash on some occasions. I'm quite happy to live without that kind of abuse on the new phone I'm going to stand in line for next month on the 11th.

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→ Assisted GPS and the iPhone

Assisted GPS: why the iPhone 3G may need some GPS assistance of its own.

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My take on the iPhone 3G, especially its GPS

It was a given that at some point, I would get myself an iPhone. So why delay the inevitable?

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Loop-freeness in multipath BGP through propagating the longest path

Iljitsch van Beijnum
M.Sc. Thesis. Directors: Marcelo Bagnulo, Arturo Azcorra
UC3M, Madrid, Spain, July 2008

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Cool, posting photos directly from my iPhone!

Image link - posted 2008-08-24

Hangouderen in Leganés

Image link - posted 2008-08-25

The rain in Spain... Time to fly to Holland!

Image link - posted 2008-09-06

IP address and AS number statistics tools

For some time, I've maintained a number of pages that show address and AS number statistics generated from the delegation reports published by the five regional internet registries on their FTP servers. Time to make a list.

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Spider webs in Cambridge

Image link - posted 2008-09-28

Slides: Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation (shim6)

When I was a research assistant at UC3M / IMDEA Networks in Madrid, I had occasion to visit the University of Cambridge for a week. Apparently, they have a rule that everyone who visits must do a presentation about their work. So I talked about the Shim6 protocol that I had been working on previously in the IETF. These are the slides; University of Cambridge Computer Lab, 2008-10-1.

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Rainbow in Cambridge!

Image link - posted 2008-10-03

Charging station at Brussels airport: excellent!

Image link - posted 2008-10-10

→ Using the iPhone’s GPS without a network connection

We know the iPhone 3G has "assisted" GPS that uses the phone's Internet connection, but with some patience and preparation, you can still use Google Maps and the GPS to some degree without connectivity.

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Are we there yet?

Image link - posted 2008-10-29

Departure at 15:30, arrival at 17:50 but apparently we fly by night

Image link - posted 2008-11-16

iPhone 3G battery still going strong after 3.5 days, who knew?

Image link - posted 2008-12-02

Christmas shopping in The Hague

Image link - posted 2008-12-07

Christmas in The Hague!

Image link - posted 2008-12-24

Did I mention that it's cold in Holland?

Image link - posted 2008-12-29

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