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Optical storage and media in the '20s

Last year I wrote posts about listening to the radio, watching TV and having a landline phone in the 2020s (in Dutch). Today, I want to talk about the place left for optical storage in the 2020s.

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Longevity of recordable blu-ray discs (BD-R / BD-RE)

So now I got that new optical drive and can start burning CDs, DVDs, BDs (regular 25 and 50 GB blu-ray discs) and BDXLs (newer 100 and 128 GB BDs). But how long will those last?

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Zelfs mijn eigen mini-weerstationnetje zag de vulkaanuitbarsting in Tonga

Gister was er een enorme uitbarsting van de Hunga Tonga-vulkaan in de stille oceaan. Er is al gezegd dat dit van het type "eens in de 1000 jaar" is. Een halve dag later arriveerde de schokgolf in de lucht in Nederland:

Maar niet alleen de gevoelige apparatuur van officiële weerstations merkte de drukgolf op, maar ook mijn Eve Degree, een klein apparaatje op mijn balkon dat temperatuur, luchtvochtigheid en luchtdruk bijhoudt:

De Eve Degree slaat elke tien minuten een meting op. Tussen 19.54 en 20.14 u ging de luchtdruk omhoog van 1024,0 naar 1025,1 hectopascal (lees: millibar), en daarna om 20.34 omlaag naar 1022,4 hPa en na negenen terug naar 1023,2 hPa.

Zulke grote vulkaanuitbarstingen brengen zoveel kleine deeltjes in de atmosfeer dat er vaak een paar jaar een koelend effect op de wereldtemperatuur zichtbaar is.

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Nieuwe variant = nieuwe golf #2

Ik schreef al eerder over hoe een nieuwe variant van het SARS-COV-2 virus leidt tot een nieuwe golf besmettingen.

In de technische briefing voor de tweede kamer liet Jaap van Dissel het volgende plaatje zien:

Ofwel: een nieuwe variant betekent een nieuwe golf.

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Record besmettingen, dus: versoepelen

Ik vraag me af hoe we over een aantal jaar op deze periode terug gaan kijken. Nederland lijkt wel door een collectief waanidee bevangen.

Afgelopen week is vijf procent van de bevolking getest op het SARS-COV-2 virus, en 2,3% was positief. We zitten nu op meer dan 50.000 door de GGD geconstateerde besmettingen per dag, terwijl de GGDs onvoldoende capaciteit hebben om alle gevraagde tests af te nemen.

En toch: versoepelingen van de maatregelen om het virus in te dammen.

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The (dark) magic of Unicode

I thought it was time to ramble on about Unicode and UTF-8 a bit, inspired by the need to convert old Amiga text files that have accents in them that won't display properly on my current Macs. Also some food for thought for programmers.

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→ Het enige duurzame aan kernenergie is het afval

Alweer een maand geleden, maar de column van Laurens Boven bij BNR weigert aan relevantie in te boeten: „Het enige duurzame aan kernenergie is het afval”.

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Wind vs trees. Mostly the trees win, but sometimes they lose

Image link - posted 2022-02-19

Making multilingual typing easier with just one new key

Making multilingual typing easier with just one new key

Although in the 1980s and 1990s computer were capable of displaying text in many languages, they were limited to one set of characters at a time. So either Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Greek or Cyrillic, but not several of those at the same time. Unicode solved that, and modern computers can (in principle) display all characters found in all languages.

However, when it comes to typing those characters, we're still in 1990, with different keyboard layouts for different languages. Now obviously it would't be workable to make a keyboard that lets you type all Unicode characters. But it should be doable to come up with a system that provides access to all characters and diacritics that are used in latin script languages.

All it takes is one new key. I call it the globe key: 🌐

We'll have to repurpose one existing key to make room for the globe key. On US keyboards, I think the ` key (in the top left corner, left of 1) is a good candidate, as the ` character doesn't occur in normal text, and even in programming it's not used very often. (But don't worry, you can still get ` by typing 🌐 twice.)

The idea is that the globe key gives you access to a new keyboard "level", similar to how the shift or alt / AltGr keys provide access to additional characters, or different forms (uppercase) of the regular characters. When you type 🌐, the next key that you press will give you the following:

Just like the globe key itself, the keys for diacritics (accents) are "dead" keys. So if you type one of those, nothing happens just yet, until you type the letter you want the accent to appear on (or under). So if you want to type "café", that would go as follows:

c a f 🌐 ◌́ e

Now obviously, if you regularly type French, where the acute accent is very common, you wouldn't want to type it like this every time. You'd keep your existing AZERTY layout (or other keyboard that you're using right now) which has a dedicated é key. But what if you need to type an Eastern European name, such as Michał, Enikő or Věra? The globe key comes to the rescue:

🌐 ◌̷ l = ł
🌐 ◌̋ o = ő
🌐 ◌̌ e = ě

How this is different from other approaches

When computers started to become common, various countries were already using different keyboard layouts on typewriters. And that makes sense, as in addition to regular letters and digits, there's only a dozen keys available for punctuation and accented or special characters. So each of those really needs to earn its keep to deserve to get a key of its own, and languages vary wildly in which characters and accents are common.

Since the 1990s, ISO/IEC 9995 has been working on standards in this area. But you're forgiven for not noticing. It looks like so far, only the multilingual Canadian CSA layout based on ISO/IEC 9995 has gained any traction. EurKEY is a more informal effort, but seems to have stalled.

And of course very many people have made their own keyboard layouts that work for them. Others switch between different layouts to be able to type characters from different languages. And of course simply ignoring the issue and letting a spell checker take up the slack is also a widely used strategy.

Unless I'm mistaken, the US keyboard layout is the only one that doesn't use alt (AltGr / right alt on Windows) for typing certain characters. Both ISO/IEC 9995-3 and EurKEY specify a specific alt / shift+alt "level" for typing additional characters. However, the issue with that is that users need to learn the new positions of these characters if they adopt those layouts.

And although spending a bit of time learning something new that is more efficient is usually time well spent, people simply don't like change. And in the real world, often the new and the old exist side-by-side, so that means having to work with different keyboard layouts on different computers. Not great.

Now, I'm all for replacing the more or less random alt / shift+alt levels that are part of existing keyboard layouts with the new one shown above. If you want to do that, make your alt keys or AltGR key the globe key. In that case, you'll have to press the alt / AltGr = globe key along with the next key.

But if you're used to a layout that lets you type certain special characters or accents easily with alt / AltGr, you may not want to be forced to learn a new way to do that. So in those cases, it makes more sense to just sacrifice one existing key to get the globe key so you can type characters not supported by your existing layout, but otherwise keep typing the way you're used to. If you put the globe key somewhere else than under alt / AltGr, you need to press and release it before you press the next key.

Why this layout makes sense

The globe key layout is designed to work well for characters and diacritics that you don't type very often. So the ease of typing takes second place relative to the ease of remembering. As such, the layout is as straightforward as possible.

People used to the US and similar layouts will find ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ { ] } | ; : ' " < > / ? where they expect them to be after pressing 🌐. The cedilla, grave, hook and ring accents and (inverted) question mark are found under the keys matching their first letter. Acute, diaeresis/umlaut, tilde and (arguably) vertical stroke are found under the letters that most frequently bear that accent: é, ü, ñ, ł. Circumflex, comma below, dot below are under the keys that look the same. Accents below are all on the bottom row. Similar looking accents are next to each other or above/below each other.

The above applies when using a QWERTY layout. So æ is between caps lock and S, as that is obvious on a QWERTY layout where that key is A. On an AZERTY layout, that same key is Q, but after pressing 🌐, that same key still produces æ. This makes learning the globe layout a bit harder to learn for AZERTY typists, but the advantage is that once learned, it applies the same everywhere.

Whenever possible, the 🌐 key should be blue to make it easy to find.

Bɑıle Ɑ́ṫɑ Clıɑṫ

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My first big Ars Technica story in 2007: "Everything you need to know about IPv6"

Fifteen years ago today, Everything you need to know about IPv6 was the first big story I wrote for Ars Technica.

Ah, those innocent days of the past when we still had more than a billion fresh IPv4 addresses to burn through... Back in those days, it was common to hear that IPv6 was unnecessary if we just used NAT.

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PETSCII typer: type your favorite C64 characters

A few months ago, I ordered the Drop + Matt3O MT3 retro keycap set:

These keycaps have the cool/retro "PETSCII" characters printed on the front. But how do you actually type those PETSCII characters?

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Making of the PETSCII typer

I thought it might be interesting to talk a bit about how my PETSCII typer web tool came together.

It all started with the Drop + Matt3O MT3 retro keycap set. I ordered this set because I like the old style key shape that's replicated here. And then as a bonus you get the PETSCII characters we know and love from the Commodore 8 bit computers printed on the front of the keycaps.

Not sure how I ended up there, but I found the Style64 C64 TrueType fonts, which replicate Commodore's take on the ASCII character set, usually referred to as PETSCII because the Commodore PET computer from 1977 introduced it.

So now I can have PETSCII graphical characters on my keyboard and PETSCII on my screen. The one missing thing: pressing a key and having the PETSCII character on that key show up on the screen. That's what the PETSCII typer does.

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The Battle Royale: benchmarking old computers

On his Youtube channel, Matt Heffernan has a series of 8-bit Battle Royale videos to see which 8-bit computer is fastest. For this, he uses a simple program to calculate the world's lowest resolution mandelbrot set. Still, the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum take minutes to do this in BASIC. It's much faster in assembly.

Watching the videos, I started wondering how 16 or 32 bit computers like the Amiga would perform. Or even the C64 with a C version of the same program. So I made a C version.

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Alle beetjes energiebesparing helpen!

Vorige week kwam ik dit artikel van de NRC tegen: Tien tips om zuiniger te koken. Ik denk niet dat dit het grote verschil gaat maken, maar: alle beetjes helpen.

Hieronder een iets andere strategie om niet zozeer energie te besparen, maar met hetzelfde energiegebruik toch (hopelijk?) minder CO₂-uitstoot te genereren: laad je spullen op als de zon hoog boven de panelen staat!

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Making 8-bit computers load from "tape" super fast

Back in the early 1980s, kids such as myself had their first computing experiences with 8-bit home computers such as the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64. And the only way, or in Europe in those days, the only affordable way to load games and save/load your own programs was from cassette tape. And boy was that slow.

If we suddenly had a perfectly-reliable cassette tape, how fast could we possibly load data from it? This is a question I started pondering a while ago. To answer it, I had to do look into how data is stored on tape and how exactly we load it. Along the way, we'll find several limits and assumptions we have to work around on our quest for the fastest-possible loading.

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12 april in Utrecht: "Zijn we niet teveel afhankelijk van de Cloud geworden?"

Op 12 april organiseert het Platform voor InformatieBeveiliging (PvIB) een avond over het onderwerp "zijn we niet teveel afhankelijk van de Cloud geworden". Ik ben één van de drie sprekers en zal het hebben over hoe je je connectiviteit naar de verschillende clouddiensten en - aanbieders zo robuust mogelijk kan inrichten.

Zie hier het programma en hier staat mijn presentatie.

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First impressions: THEA500 Mini

On friday, I received my preordered THEA500 Mini. This is smaller and modern version of the Commodore Amiga 500 computer from 1987. By the same company that makes a similar version of the Commodore 64.

After exploring the A500 Mini for a few days, I can't really make up my mind on whether I like it, or it's too limited. So here some first impressions, I'll probably do a more complete review later.

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Zuinig je huis verwarmen (1)

Het was natuurlijk nooit een slecht idee om energie te besparen, maar nu is het belangrijker dan ooit: de prijs van gas (en stroom) is hoger dan ooit, het IPCC laat weten dat nu actie nodig is om de opwarming van de aarde tot de nog behapbare anderhalve graad te beperken, en de afhankelijkheid van Russisch gas is met de dag ongemakkelijker.

Ik dacht, laat ik, bovenop de campagne van de overheid, ook een duit in het zakje doen over wat je kan doen om je huis zuinig te verwarmen, in een aantal delen. Vandaag over de inrichting van je CV-installatie.

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12 april PvIB in Utrecht: "Zijn we niet teveel afhankelijk van de Cloud geworden?"

Op 12 april organiseerde het Platform voor InformatieBeveiliging (PvIB) een avond over het onderwerp zijn we niet teveel afhankelijk van de Cloud geworden? Ik was één van de drie sprekers en vertelde over hoe je je connectiviteit naar de verschillende clouddiensten en - aanbieders zo robuust mogelijk kan inrichten.

Dit is mijn presentatie van die avond.

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→ Star Trek Picard - No More Reviews, I'm Out

So I had an interesting revelation when it came to deciding on my next review, and the prospect of watching Picard Season 2 came up - I just don't care about this show anymore. I don't want to watch it, and I don't want to review it. And here's why.
Yeah, the last decade of "Star Trek" has nothing to do with what Star Trek has always been about the previous five decades. Now pour me another drink.

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6502, Z80, 8086, 68000: the four CPUs that dominated the 1980s

Although there were definitely other CPUs in use in the 1980s, the vast majority of microcomputers people had at home or at the office used either a MOS 6502 or one of its variants, a Zilog Z80, an early member of the Intel 8086 family, or a Motorola 68000. Let's have a look at those four CPUs.

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De HTM Avenio 5007 is de eerste in rood/wit in plaats van rood/zwart

Image link - posted 2022-04-23

9 september 2017: Doe Maar op het Haagse strand

Met de vandaag veel te jong overleden Henny Vrienten als bassist/zanger. (Zie ook "Basmannen" op NPO Start, maar hoe je daar op wel of niet in kan loggen blijft onduidelijk. Waarschijnlijk alleen als je een betaald abonnement hebt. Update: Basmannen is vanavond iets na twaalf uur op NED1 te zien.)

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→ Let's talk about how Russia could do things differently....

On his Youtube channel, Beau of the Fifth Column opines about the Russian invasion into Ukraine. Today, he's doing something a bit different: some of his Russian viewers have asked him what Russia could do differently to make the liberation of Ukraine a success. Beau is happy to oblige.


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30000 extra doden in 2020 + 2021 door COVID


In de Bevolkingsprognose 2017-2060 dacht het CBS nog dat er in 2020 in Nederland 154.253 mensen zouden ster­ven. Het werden er dik 14.425 meer: 168.678. En voor 2021 verwachtte het CBS 156.107 doden, terwijl het er met 170.839 maar liefst 14.732 meer werden. Oversterfte noemt het CBS die bij elkaar bijna 30.000 mensen die extra, boven verwachting stierven.

En de WHO meldt dat er in 2020 plus 2021 wereldwijd 14,9 miljoen extra mensen zijn overleden.

Zo'n 1 op de 1000 per jaar dus.

Ondertussen doet Nederland, onder leiding van een nieuwe minister van volksgezondheid, alsof er niks aan de hand is en zijn niet alleen alle maatregelen zoals afstand houden en mondkapjes afgeschaft, maar ook de monitoring is niet op orde. Dit terwijl er in Zuid-Afrika al­weer nieuwe (sub-) varianten van de omikron-variant opgedoken zijn die zeer waarschijnlijk besmettelijker zijn dan alle eerdere varianten.

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Aan hen die vielen tijdens het verzet 1940 1945

Image link - posted 2022-05-08

OSPF: time to get rid of the totally not so stubby legacy

Recently, I was looking through some networking certification material. A very large part of it was about OSPF. That's fair, OSPF is probably the most widely used routing protocol in IP networks. But the poor students were submitted to a relentless sequence of increasingly baroquely named features: stub areas, not-so-stubby-areas, totally stubby areas, culminating in totally not-so-stubby areas.

Can we please get rid of some of that legacy? And if not from the standard documents or the router implementations, then at least from the certification requirements and training materials?

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My first iPod

This is the third generation iPod that I bought for an enormous amount of money back in 2003. It has a "20 GB" (more like 18 and change) harddisk and came with a dock and a wired remote control. It still looks cool although the screen seems so small now. The red LEDs behind the touch buttons are very nice, but the touch buttons are a usability nightmare because you can't feel around for the buttons because then you'll activate them.

My later fifth generation iPod with 30 GB and a color screen that plays video has the click wheel, where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions of the wheel are also buttons, that works much better. Unlike the older one, it also supports podcasts. But it hasn't aged as well, with even less battery life even though I replaced the battery a decade ago, and the screen backlight has issues.

The 3rd gen iPod only syncs over Firewire or USB, but only charges over Firewire. The 5th gen iPod only syncs over USB, but charges over Firewire or USB. However, with the battery being in a very sorry state, USB + the battery combined don't deliver enough power to start the iPod up successfully. So I first have to charge it on Firewire and then it has enough juice to be synced over USB.

Anyway, I was very happy with my iPods from when I got my first one in 2003 until I got my first iPhone in 2008. Apple discontinued the iPod "classic" in 2014 and the iPod Nano in 2017. They kept the iPod Touch around until this week, but that's not really an iPod, it's an iPhone without the phone part.

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Kodak Ektar 100 in Nikon FE, (5 years past due date), nice colors and contrast, but 1.5 megapixel lab scan not ideal

Image link - posted 2022-05-14

→ „Kolen, kolen, kolen. Stook ze nu”

Het klinkt bizar, maar de logica klopt.

De nadelen van nu de Nederlandse kolencentrales over het jaar maximaal 35% van hun capaciteit te laten gebruiken is dat we nu (duur) gas gebruiken om elektriciteit op te wekken zijn dat dit nu enorm veel belastinggeld kost en dat er zo minder gas opgeslagen kan worden voor de winter. (Economische Zaken heeft een heel domme deal gesloten waarbij de compensatie voor de eigenaren van de kolencentrales gekoppeld is aan de huidige prijs van elektriciteit in plaats van de prijs die gold toen de deal gesloten werd.)

En vreemd genoeg zal het gebruik van de kolencentrales in principe niet tot uitstoot van extra CO₂ leiden. Ja, voor dezelfde hoeveelheid stroom heb stoot je met kolen meer CO₂ uit dan met gas, maar uitstootrechten voor CO₂ moeten via het emissiehandelssysteem aangeschaft worden, waardoor er elders iemand evenredig veel minder CO₂ zal moeten uitstoten. (Tenzij door gebrek aan gas en olie en/of economische krimp die ruimte van het emissiehandelssysteem niet volledig gebruikt zou worden.)

Overigens denk ik dat het in praktijk de komende tijd lastig zal zijn om van gas op kolen over te schakelen omdat er nu overdag zoveel zonnestroom is. Gascentrales kunnen dan redelijk vlot afgeschakeld worden, voor kolencentrales is dat een stuk lastiger.

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Haagse trams op de brug over het Kanaal

Haagse trams op de brug over het Kanaal (bij Madurodam): PCC, GTL, RegioCitadis en Avenio.

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→ Eerste Kamer verwerpt D66-wetsvoorstel vaccinatie kinderopvang

Bijna de hele Eerste Kamer heeft het initiatiefwetsvoorstel van D66 om kinderopvangcentra het recht te geven om niet-gevaccineerde kinderen te weigeren, verworpen. Alleen D66 zelf stemde voor. De wet werd begin 2020 in de Tweede Kamer nog door een ruime meerderheid van 109 Kamerleden aangenomen

Hoe is dit mogelijk in een beschaafd land als Nederland? Hebben de wappies nu alle partijen behalve D66 in hun macht?

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→ De oorlog houdt pas op als Poetin verliest

Moet Oekraïne om een einde aan de oorlog te maken een compromis sluiten dat de Russische president gezichtsverlies bespaart? Dat opent alleen maar de weg voor toekomstige agressie, denkt Anne Applebaum.
Naar maar waar, ben ik bang.

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→ The War Won’t End Until Putin Loses

Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic:

Offering the Russian president a face-saving compromise will only enable future aggression.

Unfortunate but true, I'm afraid.

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Grayscale KLM plane above Wassenaar

Image link - posted 2022-06-03

Review: A500 Mini, F710 game controller, PETSCII Robots

The A500 Mini, the Logitech F710 and Attack of the PETSCII Robots: an excellent combination. So let me cover all three in a single review.

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6-6-2012: World IPv6 Launch — the future is forever

Ten years ago, on 6 June 2012, the Internet Society organized World IPv6 Launch. A year earlier, we'd had World IPv6 Day, where many (large) organizations added IPv6 addresses for their websites to the DNS for 24 hours, in order to see if that would create problems. That went mostly smoothly, with a few surprises, so a year later it was time to turn on IPv6 for real. Time for a blog post looking back on

I thought this would be a good excuse to do what I've done with some regularity over the years: see how well things work when I turn off IPv4 on my home network.

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Skyline #13: by moonlight

Image link - posted 2022-06-10

→ De nieuwe strategie om dit najaar covid te bestrijden, bouwt voort op wankel idee

Heilig zegt het ministerie te geloven in de zelf­red­zaam­heid van de maat­schappij. Als het virus straks weer om zich heen grijpt, zullen de maat­schappe­lijke sec­toren uit goed be­grepen eigen­belang maat­regelen treffen om be­smettingen te voo­rkomen, zo herhaalde Kuipers ook maandag weer tegen jour­nalisten. De midden­stand zal toch willen voorkomen dat het personeel straks ziek thuiszit, is het voorbeeld dat Kuipers op dit punt altijd gebruikt.

Dat is zo ongeveer de inhoud van het lang­verwachte corona­plan dat minister Ernst Kuipers maandag presen­teerde. Een plan dat vooral opvalt door wat er níét in staat. Zo geeft het ministerie nog steeds geen ant­woord op de vraag, met nadruk gesteld door de maat­schappij, wanneer men nu precies hoe hard in actie moet komen tegen het virus. Ook ont­breekt het aan een over­tuigend antwoord op de vraag hoe het straks moet als de zieken­huizen on­ver­hoopt toch weer vol­lopen.

Ik zie dit niet goed gaan.

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Shooting film

In this digital age, we still may want to shoot photos on film. But what type of film?

Or why film in the first place?

I think that last question will have a different answer for everyone. For me, it's the joy of seeing decades old machines do what they were built to do so cleanly. I can just pull the film advance lever and push the shutter on my Nikon FE time and time again, it never gets old. It's even better when there's film in the camera. Although of course then this starts to cost real money.

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Vlinder bezoekt lavendel

Image link - posted 2022-06-24

Will the IPv6 BGP table overtake the IPv4 table before the decade is out?

For my training courses, I always check the current size of the IPv4 and IPv6 BGP tables over at the CIDR Report so I can tell the participants what table size capacity to look for when shopping for routers.

Currently, the IPv4 table is at 925k, readying itself for scaling the 1M summit late next year. The IPv6 table is 160k prefixes.

The IPv4 table grew at about 10% per year in the 2010s and 6% last year. At this rate, it'll be at 1.43 million at the beginning of 2030.

The IPv6 table, on the other hand, had been growing at some 31% per year between 2015 and 2020, but last year it grew 37%. At that rate, the IPv6 table will reach 1.7 million prefixes by 2030! Even at a somewhat slower growth rate of 34% the IPv6 table will overtake the IPv4 table before the decade is out.

Of course it's hard to predict 7.5 years into the future, but stranger things have happened.

Also, at this rate, you'll need a router that can handle more than 2 million prefixes five years from now. Which pretty much means that if you are buying a router today that has to be able to hold the full global IPv4 and IPv6 tables, it should already be able to handle more than 2M prefixes in order to have a five year economic lifespan.

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→ Film processing chemistry, how does it work?

If you want to understand the chemical reactions at work during the processing of a film without going back to your school bench:

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Koeien in de wei (5 km van Natura 2000-gebied...)

Image link - posted 2022-07-03

Scanning film negatives on the cheap

If you shoot (or shot) photos on film, you'll probably want to scan that film in some way to get those photos on your computer. There are various ways to get that done. For reasons that I'll talk about later, I decided to have a go at scanning negatives using my digital camera recently.

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Visiting my balcony

Image link - posted 2022-07-05

Is the world running out of film cameras?

The other day, the Youtube algorithm served me up this video: Film Photography's Future is its Past | Cameras and Coffee with David Hancock. In it, David Hancock more or less adopts the premise of this article: Film Photography Is at a Crossroads Headed for Extinction: What It Would Take to Turn It Around and Why It Won’t Happen by James Madison.

Is the world running out of film cameras? Is it feasible to create new ones?

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AppleTV (not always) 4K

The idea behind the AppleTV 4K streaming puck is that you see your content in 4K. In the case of photos in the screensaver, that's not what you get. The AppleTV 4K, showing photos from my laptop using "home sharing" (no not iCloud photos):

When I play a slide show with the same images on my LG OLED TV, I get this:

These are photos taken of the TV image, of course zoomed in quite a lot, but if you're sitting close enough to the TV to be able to tell the difference between HD and 4K, the difference is pretty obvious.

What gives, Apple?

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My web tool for controlling (the color temperature of) Philips Hue lights

Last year I got a new webcam, which led me to ask myself what color temperature setting for my Hue lightbulbs would work best with that camera. (Turns out: 4000K.)

But: how do you set your Hue lights to a certain color temperature? I didn't find a good solution for that. So I built my own! And then feature creep kicked in and I ended up with a browser-based tool that can control the lights in various ways. Including having the bulbs change their brightness / color temperature gradually over the course of seconds or minutes or even an hour.

So it got a bit more complex than ideal, and you need to jump through a few hoops to get the name or IP address of the Hue bridge and an authentication key. But I promise it's really nice. It has sliders for easy operation on an iPad and the like, but you can also use the keyboard.

Check it out.

Note that the whole thing runs inside the browser and directly talks to the Hue bridge over the local network. So no information is sent to the server. The authentication key can be stored in the browser's password store where it should be safe from prying eyes. But be careful with what you enter in the bridge IP address field because the authentication key is sent to the system with that address or name.

The huge bridge used to create the name "philips-hue.local" for itself, but now they they create a .local name from their MAC address. For instance:

ndp -a 00178827894e.local 0:17:88:27:89:4e en0 23h59m47s S

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xkcd: The Best Camera

The Best Camera:

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Oh SNAP! There is more to Wi-Fi ↔︎ Ethernet than I thought

The tag line for World IPv6 Launch ten years ago was "the future is forever". You know what else seems to be forever? The past. Let's talk about IEEE 802 LLC/SNAP encapsulation.

I always thought when you send IP packets over Wi-Fi, the IP packet would go inside an Ethernet frame, and then the Ethernet frame inside an IEEE 802.11 frame. Turns out this is not how it works: ...

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Lidstaten EU eens met gasnoodplan: 15 procent minder verbruik tot april

De afgelopen dagen hebben de landen van de EU hard onderhandeld over een afspraak om 15% minder gas te gaan gebruiken deze winter: Lidstaten EU eens met gasnoodplan: 15 procent minder verbruik tot april

Het trieste is dat er eigenlijk zo goed als geen overeenstemming is, met overal uitzonderingen.

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Dag van de Republiek

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Het binnenhof tussen de jaren 1990 en de jaren 2020

Begin jaren '90 werd het binnenhof, en dan met name de tweede kamer, flink verbouwd. Maar 25 jaar later bleek er alweer vanalles mis dus moest er voor minstens een half miljard een nieuwe verbouwing plaatsvinden. (Hoeveel garantie krijg je op zo'n verbouwing? Elke 25 jaar een half miljard gaat snel in de papieren lopen...) Hier wat foto's zoals het er tussen die twee verbouwingen uit zag.

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Olivia Newton-John: Xanadu

We lost Olivia Newton-John... Back in 1980 she starred in a supremely weird and not very good movie, but with an amazing title song by ELO: Xanadu.

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Skyline #14: heatwave edition

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Schenkkade Den Haag

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Skyline #15, regenboog vlak na zonsopkomst

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Time for a new BGP book

20 years ago this month, my book "BGP: building reliable networks with the Border Gateway Protocol" was published by O'Reilly.

When a publisher publishes your book, you get a number of copies. Those didn't arrive until a bit later:

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