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Populisten stemmen tegen een avondklok

Deze partijen hebben voor de motie van Geert Wilders om geen avondklok in te stellen gestemd: PVV, PvdD, DENK, SGP, FvD, Krol, Van Kooten-Arissen. Makkelijk scoren dus terwijl de andere partijen wel verantwoordelijkheid nemen om Nederland te beschermen in deze pandemie.

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #1

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #2

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My web-based keyboard tester can now also print your keyboard layout!

Simply type all the keys and shift, alt, alt+shift combinations and then you can print out an overview of your keymap for easy reference. (Or make a PDF, or take a screenshot, of course.)

Works best in Safari on the Mac, but most keys will be detected correctly with other browsers / operating systems, too.

(This is Apple's "ABC - Extended" layout, formerly known as "US Extended".)

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #3

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Bringing some unity to international keyboard layouts

As most people who’ve used a keyboard in (another) European country can attest to, all the other countries use really crazy keyboard layouts. An effort like EurKEY tries to solve this by coming up with a keyboard layout that works for all latin script languages. Apple’s ABC Extended (formerly US Extended) is also a pretty good effort.

However, coming up with a really good keyboard layout is pretty easy. Getting people to abandon the keyboard layout they’re used in favor of a “better” one to is the big problem. (Insert old joke: standards are great, there are so many to choose from!) So what I wanted to do is come up with something that works for people who find themselves behind a foreign keyboard, but also those who appreciate having a layout that makes it easier to type their most-used language.

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Snow is fun! Especially the first day when it's nice and fresh.

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Een miljoen SARS-CoV-2 besmettingen in Nederland

Een half jaar geleden schreef ik over 22 miljoen SARS-CoV-2 besmettingen wereldwijd. Dat waren er toen ongeveer 64000 in Nederland, waarvan er 6200 waren overleden.

25 weken later staan we op 107 miljoen besmettingen en 2,3 miljoen doden wereldwijd, waarvan Nederland 1 miljoen besmettingen en 14400 doden voor zijn rekening neemt.

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #4

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #5

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #6

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #7

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TV in de jaren '20

Er is afgelopen week glasvezel aangelegd in mijn straat, dus binnenkort kan ik overstappen van de kabel van Ziggo naar glasvezel van KPN. Mijn huidige Ziggo-aansluiting stamt uit 2012, en toen heb ik een pakket met internettoegang, een telefoonlijn en kabeltelevisie (triple play) afgesloten. Als ik me niet vergis was de reden daarvoor dat ik dan 60 Mbps kreeg in plaats van 50.

Maar als ik overstap op glasvezel, wat doe ik dan qua TV? Een goede aanleiding om eens te kijken wat op dit moment de noodzaak en de mogelijkheden van televisiekijken.

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Review: Cable Matters USB 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet adapter

I think it was in 2016 that 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet was standardized. After a year or two the first USB to 5GE adapters started to appear at about €/$ 100 and about two years ago the first €/$ 50 2.5GE ones. Right now, there's a ton of USB 2.5GE adapters at good prices.

I got a Cable Matters one for € 31 off of Amazon.

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A new life for the 2003 Apple Wireless Keyboard

Back in 2003, Apple released the Apple Wireless Keyboard:

(Not to be confused with later keyboards of the same name that look like laptop keyboards.)

The keyboard still works with an ancient MacBook Pro, but it won't pair with anything from the 2010s. That's too bad, because I think it looks pretty nice. So I decided to see if I could bring its essence into the 2020s by transplanting the keycaps to my Drop CTRL keyboard.

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→ Typing my way down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole with the Drop CTRL

Eight years ago, I wrote Why I use a 20-year-old IBM Model M keyboard for Ars Technica. And now, after a slight (well, five-year) hiatus, I have a new story on Ars, about my new mechanical keyboard.

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Skyline winter 2020/2021 #8

Image link - posted 2021-03-11

I did it again... I made another keyboard tester

The other day I noticed how dirty my VT420 terminal's keyboard was, so I decided to take off the keycaps to clean them.

Then of course it's always good to put the keycaps back where they belong. That's a task made a lot easier with a keyboard tester app such as the online one I made a while ago. However, I don't think the VT420 supports the latest Javascript features...

So I whipped up a command line keyboard tester: kbdtest.php. Save the page, rename to kbdtest.php, then run with ./kbdtest.php. Works on the Mac, haven't tested other systems.

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When the BGP table hits 1 million prefixes, will history repeat itself?

On the APNIC blog, Danny Pinto asks What will happen when the routing table hits 1024k? Back in 2014, the IPv4 BGP table reached 512k, a common limit in many routers at the time, and some bad things happened. See my post BGP table hitting 512k limit in older routers. And pretty much the same thing happened in 2008, when the BGP table hit 256k.

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Ethernet cables in the post-gigabit era

As I'm preparing for the arrival of more > 1000 Mbps Ethernet equipment, I did an inventory of the Ethernet cables I've collected over the years. Turns out there's more variety than expected: I have cat 5 UTP, cat 5e UTP, cat 5e STP and cat 6 STP...

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No joke: running BGP on a $100 home router / Wi-Fi access point

For some time, I've been hearing about Mikrotek routers, which couple being quite capable with being affordable. But I never got my hands on one. I'm now in the process of upgrading my home network, and learned about the Mikrotik hAP ac³. The ac³ defies easy classification, but I think it's mostly a home router and/or Wi-Fi access point. I paid € 95 and shipping, and I believe it's available in the US for about $100.

I was somewhat disappointed to learn that "5 gigabit ports" doesn't mean ports that are capable of 5 gigabit, but 5 ports that just ordinary 1 Gbps Ethernet. Initially it seemed the box didn't support IPv6, but it turns you have to enable that under "packages" and then reboot. (Not shutdown.)

However, I wasn't disappointed to learn that the ac³ supports RIP, OSPF and BGP, both for IPv4 and IPv6.

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VLANs on the Mikrotik hAP ac³

For my BGP lab/training setups I have a bunch of routers, real or virtual, that each need several IP addresses to talk to other routers. VLANs are the perfect way to keep all of this manageable: with VLANs, it's possible to have separate IP interfaces, but still just use a single Ethernet port to hook everything up. Simple unmanaged switches simply forward the packets to the right port without looking at the VLAN header, so no need to configure the network.

Until I got my Mikrotik hAP ac³ this week...

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Skyline april 2021

Image link - posted 2021-04-08

Gelukkig zit-ie op de buitenkant van het raam

Image link - posted 2021-04-12

Getting the "Music" miniplayer back to actual mini

I just had a moderate-size scare: I typed something into iTunes Music, and the miniplayer now showed playback controls:

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Hunting down the stuck BGP routes

Ben Cox (Benjojo) has an interesting post about stuck BGP routes and a flaw in many BGP implementations where they hang when their neighbor stops accepting data over TCP: Hunting down the stuck BGP routes

A stuck BGP route means that a prefix was advertised at some point, and then it's withdrawn but the withdrawal somehow gets lost somewhere, so part of the internet still sees the withdrawn route.

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Zevencijferige telefoonnummers in Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam

Ik kwam laatst een oude kaart van Den Haag tegen en ik vroeg me af van wanneer die was. Er stond geen jaartal op. Wel viel me op dat de telefoonnummers die erop stonden maar zes cijfers hadden, dus van voor dat alle Haagse telefoonnummers er een 3 bij kregen. Maar wanneer was dat? Het lukte mij niet deze info terug te vinden via Wikipedia of Google...

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The effectiveness of AS path prepending

In a recent blog post The Effectiveness of AS Path Prepending (1) Russ White asks:

Just about everyone prepends AS’ to shift inbound traffic from one provider to another—but does this really work?

(AS path prepending means making the network path as BGP sees it longer to make a path less attractive so traffic will flow over another, shorter path.)

That's an interesting question, as I've been telling people for a long time that it often works too well.

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Accent tool: a web tool to easily add or remove accents

This web tool lets you click on a list of accents to add those accents to text you've typed or pasted in a text box. Or remove accents with a click. So no need to remember those pesky alt codes or unintuitive key combinations!

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→ BGP expert test v2.0!

Someone pointed out that the BGP expert test I've had on for a very long time didn't work anymore. I fixed that, and also changed a few questions. So I think I can now call it the BGP expert test v2.0.

Check it out and tell me your score!

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